March 20th

The website has been migrated to a new fileserver. The guestbook will likely be down for a while. Hopefully other bugs will be kept to a minimum during the transition.

Uptime should be increased on the new server as reboots should be less frequent as this will be a more dedicated server for the website.


May 26th, 2009

The server is now up on Windows 7 release canidate build 7100. So far so good; stable and quick.

Of course there has been and will be more down time then usual as more reboots are required as configuration updates are more frequent on the new O/S.


January 15th, 2009

The incoming administration is at least pretending to care about wanting to know what is important to us. Make sure you let them know that repealing the UIGEA should be a high priority.

You can do that be voting here. I'm happy to see this is one of the most popular suggestions to the new president (#8 at the moment). It'd be nice to get that ranking even higher.


November 22nd, 2008

We built a poker table. It was a great couple project. We started with raw wood and bolts of cloth and ended up with this.

The completed pictures are the last ones. In some of the pictures the rail looks grey, but it's actually a deep chocolate; the flash bounces off of it quite harshly.

October 12th, 2008

I am going to start boycotting the Pascua Yaqui Tribe casinos. I think all poker players should.

The tribe is suing Club Royale to shut it down. It runs poker rooms in Tucson and Phoenix correctly claiming that poker is a game of skill and therefore not subject to Arizona gambling laws.

The tribe claims that the club is an illegal gambling operation and should be shutdown. Are they concerned about problem gamblers that the law supposedly protects? Of course not! They are suing to keep their ill-gotton monopoly.

The hypocrits! They will not see my mug in their facilities again; not in their poker room, not in their hotel, and not even in their theatre.

We don't need the casinos working against poker players, and they need to know that.


October 11th, 2008

With the Democratic National Party on the verge of achieving a filibuster proof 60 seats in the Senate, an overwhelming majority in the House, and the White House, the GOP is about to become irrelavent.

However, they still ticked me off by adding a specific line to their 2008 platform that reads "Millions of Americans suffer from problem or pathological gambling that can destroy families. We support the law prohibiting gambling over the Internet."

So much for the party of limited goverment and individual freedoms. Even with no power left at all they still throw away any priciples they may have once stood for.

I really hope such a stunning loss in this election will make them reevaluate their own stupidity. More likely, however, it will just cause more people like myself to distance ourselves from such criminal betrayers of the US Constitution they have sworn to uphold.

Everyday libertarians look smarter and the Republicans look more like, well, Mr. Bush.


August 23rd

The website is back up, now on the new server.

The server will be up and down over the next few days as it is rebooted, moved, etc.

It is anticipated that sometime on Wednesday the 27th to be back to being consistantly up.


August 21st

Because of the enormous size of the new motherboard even extended ATX cases will not house the beast. Therefore I've started construction on a case of my own design.

The pictures of the new server build are here. I'll continue to add pictures as the build process progresses.


August 20th

Due to some stability issues on the server mainboard the server is having its first major upgrade in many years.

New server hardware (subject to some possible changes) is available here. It's really a page for my purposes, you won't find any other links to it, but feel free to drool over it if so inclined.


August 7th

During a recent stay in the camper at Catalina State Park we met Colleen, a Himalayan mix long haired beauty. She's made our home with us as a lazy addition to the family. The pictures of her are available here. A slide show of her is not yet available.

May 5th

Paul and Marilyn's wedding pictures and slide show are posted! Congrats to them both!

April 21st

There's a few more albums posted. And we've changed the slide show interface for the newly posted albums. Check them out! Some of them can take a while to load depending on your connection speed. Please be patient. More albums to come in the next few days.

The ftp portal has been restructured to make it a little more resilient to all of the probing by hackers, spammers, warez users, etc., that this site undergoes. You'll now need to specify the upload directory for uploading. Thankfully the site has held up against all attacks against it, but this should discourage automated probing just a little bit further.

April 17th

Port Forward version 1.01 is now available. This minor release includes a couple of bug fixes. The new version also includes a distribution of Sun's Java 1.6 JRE. Get your copy here.

January 28th

Virtual Print Server version 2.0 is now available. Version 2.0 can run as a service. Also 2.0 has a new option to append timestamps to filename for capture files. Get your copy here.

August 8th

Tennessee was really great (the humidity was not as bad as I expected and it was only hot once)! We got in pretty late on Saturday night because Aaron's cousin Joe and his wife Lisa had their flight delayed. And then it took over an extra hour on the drive than Map Quest estimated. It ended up being about 4.5-5 hours instead of 3.5! There was stop and go traffic in Pigeon Forge--it is so touristy! And then the climb up into the Smoky Mountains to our Chalet took some time, especially since it was at night. On Sunday we visited with Debbie and her husband, Duey, and their son, Nathan (Debbie is Yolanda's sister). They live in Tennessee and made a couple hour drive up to see us. It was really great getting to meet them. We had a nice relaxing afternoon getting to know them. Sunday evening after they went home, Landa, John, Aaron and I went into Gatlinburg to do some shopping and get dinner. There are so many cute little shops! Dinner was great at Corky's BBQ--we all split a meal that had ribs, chicken, pulled beef and lots of Southern sides!

On Monday almost all of us went to Dollywood--which is actually about the same as a Six Flags amusement park! We rode several fun coasters and other rides. In fact, the best coaster I have ever been on was the Tennessee Tornadoe! At one point, there are 3Gs in the loops and Aaron and his cousin Joe both started blacking out! Not me, I went for round two! There is a very large bald eagle conservatory at the park for eagles who cannot be released into the wild for one reason or another. There was a fantastic bird show that we all watched. The bald eagle they brought out had only one wing--the other had been shot and needed to be amputated. It brought me to tears seeing such a majestic bird and the symbol of our freedom so hurt. They also showed a video clip of this bird in a sling on a hang glider. They wanted the eagle to be able to feel what it was like to "fly" again! Aaron and I decided to stay later than most of the family and were joined by his Aunt Doris and Uncle Tom and their grown children, Sandy and Kenny. His aunt and uncle went shopping in some of the stores, but us "kids" decided to ride one more ride--a rapid river ride. Well, we got soaked. Then to make matters better, it started to rain. And it didn't let up--you know how it rains really hard for a few minutes in Albuquerque--it did that for about 20-30 minutes! We made a dash for a different building toward the exit each time it let up a little bit, but we were really soaked then. My shoes took 2 days to dry out!

Tuesday we went into town for lunch--tried a Mexican restaurant--advertised authentic--I don't think so! I missed New Mexican style food and even Tucson style Mexican. It was okay until Aaron started to feel sick--he had enchiladas and the rest of us had tacos. I was so worried that he would not be able to go white water rafting with us, but he finally felt better and was able to go. It was so awesome! We drove all the way to the North Carolina/Tennessee border and put our rafts in the Pigeon river there. We spent about an hour and a half navigating 3 level "4" rapids and 13 level "3" rapids (our guide told us that a "6" equals Niagra falls!). It rained on us while we were on the boats, but we had a great time. Near the end, we were allowed to get in the river if we wanted to, so I did. It was cold, but the sun had come out, so it was worth it. Then we all went to Applebees and had a great evening together (I think around 20 of us sat together).

Wednesday I had this great idea to ride the trolley around town to go to all of our stops. Well, it was quite the adventure! It took us far longer to get anywhere than we expected, but it was still a fun day. We started by going hiking up to Laurel Falls--they were pretty and the hike was nice. I fell and scratched up my knee pretty good, but other than that, it was an enjoyable morning. We took the trolly back into town and visited the Christus Gardens. I think this was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. They had Jesus' life displayed with wax figurines. They seemed so lifelike--they were done extremely well. The lighting and music that went with each display was wonderful. Then as we exited, there was a marble concave carving of Jesus' face. No matter where you walked in the courtyard, it appeared that his eyes and face followed you. It was very neat! Then we went to lunch at a seafood restaurant--very tasty! I had a lobster tail with stuffed crab and Aaron had a Po'boy! Then we went to a craft show--Aaron could not believe that they charged you to go in! But, we had fun (especially since he was able to get out of it by hitching a ride back to the cabin with his cousin!). I found so many neat things and bought some early Christmas gifts. Then we went outside to catch the trolly--it was raining again. I said, "That's okay, we'll go to the covered trolly station." (Or so it said on the map). There was a bench with a small portion of the roof over it--needless to say the bench was soaked and there was no covered area. So, Kenny and Tom huddled under one umbrella, Landa under another and John and I took some shelter in the doorway. The first trolly passed right by us--maybe it was full? 15-20 minutes later, the next one came and we all got in. It followed its normal route, but the driver got out for a smoke break at one of the hotels. We were currently on the red trolley and needed to catch the purple one at the aquarium to get back to our car. As we pulled into the aquarium, the purple trolly was leaving--we had just barely missed it and might have made it if the driver had not taken such a long smoke break! At least this area was truly covered, and we were able to stay dry. We finally caught the purple trolly and got back to the cabin!

Thursday we all kind of split up. Aaron and I rode some go-karts and then played 36 holes of miniture golf. I beat him the first time! That rarely happens, so it was indeed a chance to celebrate! He won the next round. We went to Wal-Mart to buy some CDs so that we could burn everyone's pictures onto one CD to share. Of course, we walked out with several more items--that's how it works there! We also went to Wonderworks--which is an amusement park for the mind. It was a blast--we rode a couple of small rides. One is like a very large tandem bike that goes in a complete loop. It "starts" and "stops" based on how quickly you pedal. So we would stop pedaling at the top and hang upside down for several seconds before coming down the loop! It was fun, but because I'm short, each time we hung upside down I was slammed into the harness. So I got a couple of bruises--but so worth it. We also rode a virtual roller coaster ride. We got to pick out all the turns, drops and loops in advance! There were many neat scientific experiments and things to see, read and do. It was certainly interactive. I also dared to get on the bed of nails! That was interesting--it hurt some, but not too badly. We enjoyed a nice evening with the family, took some pictures and played some games. We also made predictions of things that will be different the next time we all get together. Apparently John thinks he will have a grandchild old enough to call him Grandpop and one infant! I'm not too sure about that!

Friday we began our long trip back. It was only supposed to be a 3 1/2 hour drive to the Nashville airport, but was really about 4 1/2 with all the tourist traffic. Our plane out of Chicago Midway was delayed for over an 1 1/2, so all in all, we travelled or waited about 15 1/2 hours that day! Then Aaron had to work on Saturday morning. It was pouring rain and he hydrolocked the Saab! Fortunately, our insurance is supposed to be covering it. In the meantime, we are borrowing Paul and Marilyn's spare car.


July 16th

Phillip and Jennifer's wedding pictures are now up. Check them out, quite a few turned out nicely.

This coming weeked we'll be leaving for a family reunion in Tennessee. Work might miss us, but I don't think we'll be missing work much.

I have to admit it feels like we're only recently home from vacation and already leaving again, but I won't complain.

Kristin recently found some new furnature that we really needed. Slowly but surely the major needs for the new house are being met.


July 1st

Just this past week we were camping up on Mount Lemmon. It was the relaxing getaway we wanted. We'll have pictures posted soon.

Then yesterday we went to KIIM FM's "Freedom Festival" which was a show of various impersonators of famous country singers. Aside from the insane heat of an outdoor event in Tucson it was enjoyable.

We're looking forward to visiting family and friends in New Mexico, and of course the rededication ceremony of Phillip and Jennifer this coming week.

July 1st

Our picture albums are now also available from the ftp portal. This should make it much easier to download entire albums.

Also an upload pictures folder is now available in the ftp portal. Anyone can now create new subfolders of that folder to upload albums or sets of pictures in an organized manner.

For that matter subfolders can be created off the main folder now. Hopefully it will stay better organized now.

June 23rd

We got to visit Talitha yesterday. She's back in town for a visit. That was quite nice. In addition the Wilsons have produced a DVD of our wedding and reception. We'll get copies on Monday. We're excited about this.

Today we celebrate Peter and Marilyn's birthdays and as well as the engagement of Paul and Marilyn.

June 9th

Aaron and I spent a wonderful night at the Westin La Paloma resort on Thursday night. I was trying so hard to surprise him and it worked, mostly. He was surprised when I came home from work early and figured out what we were doing, even which resort we were going to, when I asked him to go into another room and stay there for 20 minutes. He knew I was doing that to pack toiletries and what can I say, I'm predictable? We had a great time nonetheless and really relaxed in their wonderful pools and hot tubs. We watched Pirates of the Caribbean III the next day. We both enjoyed it, but agree that the first one is still the best.

Today I am helping out at the U of A with a day called Girl Power Day. Girls from all over the city will be attending to learn about good health, peer pressure, college, careers and to have fun! It should be an awesome day!


June 6th

Lots more pictures up today! There's Jennifer's graduation and wedding shower and more. But we know you really just want to see Roxy. Her premier pictures are up now, too.

June 6th

Port Forward 1.0 is released. Get your copy today.

Port Forward.

June 4th

Yesterday we brought home a new bunny rabbit. We're tentitively operating on the belief/hope that she's a female. Today she got a name of Roxy. She's a grey mini-Rex. She's very friendly but still getting aquinted with her new home.

We'll have pictures up soon.

June 2nd

Today Melissa and Chad Reed are coming to stay the weekend with us. I am so excited to get to see the newlyweds and their wedding album too! Buster, their Pomeranian, will also be joining them.

I finally finished all the painting in the house. I could not have done it without my mother-in-law, Landa. She was a huge help for two of the three days I painted over Memorial Day weekend. Thanks Landa!


May 21st

Update: the PPA now exceeds a half million members, and it's still climbing strong.

DNSExit, the company through which this domain name is registered, has been having problems over the past two days, so access to this site has been spotty. They assure me that their services will be fully restored at some point today. I appologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


May 20th

The comments section was broken, unbeknownst to me. It's been fixed. My appologies to those who commented whose comments have been lost.


May 20th

I just joined the Poker Players Alliance. It's an advocacy group to defend poker from legal attack. It is just shy of a half a million members (more than the ACLU!). Won't you consider joining today? Basic membership is free. Simply go here to join: PPA. The more folks that join the more our elected officials will have to pay attention. While you're at it why not give Jon Kyl a call and tell him what a schmuck he is for attacking legal gambling. Okay, maybe you should be more tactful than that. But he is a key figure in this battle, and he dares to claim that he's representing us in Arizona. Make sure you tell him that his role in this debacle doesn't properly represent you.


May 18th

More pictures are up today, including Mellissa's Wedding. Check them out!

May 5th

Today I went to Old Tucson Studios with Landa and John. This was a Raytheon morale event and we had a great day in the sun! It didn't get over 85 degrees and was slightly cool and breezy in the morning so it was a perfect day to go. They have all the old western movie sets that were used to film the John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movies and so many more. There was so much to do including: a train ride, a wagon ride, stunt shows, gunfights, a can-can saloon girls show (a bit risque but amusing). You can check it out more here if you want:


May 5th

Well, last Saturday's sermon at the church we attend, Pantano Christian Church was the most contraversial sermon I've ever heard, and probably the best.

The sermon dared to allow non-literal interpretations of some of the narritives of the Bible.

As one who doesn't believe in Biblical Literalism or Biblical Inerrancy doctrines, this came as a very pleasant suprise. I was not the least bit suprised, however, by the storm of contraversy it stirred.

Today's sermon's purpose is in large part to address the concerns of the members over the last week. I look forward to it with great anticipation and the hope that the message won't rebuke anything said last week.

The sermon, notes, and the blog on last week's sermon can be found here.


April 30th

We're back from Albuquerque and will post the pictures from Melissa and Chad Reed's wedding ceremony and reception. You can view them in our photo album.

I just finished up Raytheon Six Sigma Green Belt training last week. It was a very long week, but also very rewarding. Additionally, today I just found out that I have been promoted one pay grade... I am now a Configuration Analyst II.


April 10th

We've bought another car for Kristin after having an electrical short in the LeBaron. The LeBaron is still in the shop. The new(er) car is a 1998 Saab 900 S Convertable; blue on blue.

It's a fun car, and we're enjoying it.

This evening we fly to Albuquerque for Chad and Mellissa's wedding. Should be a fun week.


March 8th

We're in Albuquerque. We met baby Brennan yesterday. Kristin, of course, is already head over heals over him. As in all thing, Brian and Kristin are doing an excellent job.

Shortly I'm releasing a new port forwarding application. It will be on this site with an annoucement in the coming days.


February 24th

Today we get to go see Aaron Tippin in concert. And of course we anxiously await Brennan's birth expected sometime today.

February 23rd

Virtual Print Server is published. Get your copy now. Virtual Print Server


February 19th

Kristin's back, but Jennifer and Phillip are leaving this morning.

There are a lot of new pictures up today. Enjoy!


February 18th

I'm feeling much better today. (I was not well yesterday.)

Today I discovered that the letters in my name can be rearranged to spell "rational land" - seems appropriate enough.

Kristin is still trying to guess Brennen's birthday and would like to be present. So, her return date to Tucson is unknown. I'll get her back either today or tomorrow.


February 14th

Happy Valentine's Day!

We're expecting our first houseguests today; it should be a good day.

February 13th

The guestbook is now working. Feel free to post a message.

February 12th

The new site is still under construction, but feel free to browse.